SCHOOL 1st floor Corridor

3D Figure Assets released on Apr 29, 2009
SCHOOL 1st floor Corridor by N/A

Tested in P6,P7

The 1st floor corridor of a school that comes with all props and Raytrace lightning.
A pack of all that you need in order to give amazing renders to your figures! No need to wary for 'plastic look' or washed out shadows.
All the props are there, most of them can fly around, all the lights are at the correct position and give realistic shadows.
They are organized in groups with the correct order so that you can quickly show and hide props to render from deferent angles.
-Python script to show-hide walls for easy rendering from deferent angles
-Python script to turn off reflections of windows if you wish to animate the scene or you do not have the hardware to support quick static renders
-Python script to set Lights.
-Python script to merge with the room other school scenes.
-Python script to select from a list of many stages the one to work on

NOTE: Python scripts work ONLY on windows platform.

In short this is what you get:
- 1 scenefile in .pz3 format
- 1 .pz3 file for merging with other rooms
- More than 20 props in 18 separate files in .pp2 format
- 13 pose files for Victoria 4.2, Michael 4
- 38 texture bump and transparency maps
- 18 lights
- 5 python scripts

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