Fox Lights - Starter Bundle

released on Jan 28, 2009
Fox Lights - Starter Bundle by N/A

Poser 7, ++<br />PC and Mac tested
Available Uses:

The Starter Bundle

Stop struggeling with lights and start rendering perfectly lit scenes!

This Starter Bundle contains our light-sets
In The Mood, Encore Lights and Magic and Fiat Lux.

With this set you are able to own three products that quickly became a standard in Poser lighting - and now you can get them all together as a bargain!

Equipped with tutorials, cameras, background props and the option to combine different sets (requires Poser 7 or higher) this set is perfect for Poser-Beginners and satisfies the needs of advanced users as well!

This light set is tested in and made for Poser 6 and/or 7. The Encore set contains single light sources that can be combined with every other light set. Please note, that adding light sets together to create new combination is only supported by Poser 7 and Poser Pro. Previous versions of Poser do not offer this option!!

We recommend the use of the Firefly Renderer to get the most out of this package!


Although the promotional images look different: Previous purchasers of the In The Mood lights (1, 2 and Bundle), Encore and/or Fiat Lux do not need this bundle!! There is no new content included in this set!!

Look what you get:
In the Mood 1
13 light-sets varying from dramatic to soft, from fancy brightness to mysterious dimmed.
2 light-sets for setting up the perfect scene with a sitting or lying figure.
3 light-sets especially done for portrait-renders.
4 light-sets for use with shiny surfaces like latex- and vinyl-materials or for dramatic highlight effects when using sheen on the skin.
2 camera-settings for laying poses.
2 camera-settings for portrait renders.
2 camera-settings for sitting poses.
1 camera-setting for standing poses.

All cameras are prepared for renders in the classic 2:3 format. For laying- and sitting-poses you get both, a preset for horizontal format and for high size.

In the Mood 2
12 light-sets to let your characters bath in dramatic stage lights, sensual dimmed atmospheres and fancy colors or to emphasize their shape with highlights.
11 light-sets to get the most out of dark-skinned textures in portraits, standing, sitting and laying poses.
3 light-sets to use with two up to three characters, finetuned to enhance all skin tones from pale to black.
5 special effect lights simulating shadows of a window frame, venetian blinds and a fence.
14 light-sets for special poses like sitting and laying and for partial body renders like portrait, upper body and (!) legs!
2 camera-settings made for two models in one scene.
2 camera-settings for portrait renders.
2 camera-settings for sitting poses.
2 camera-settings for laying poses.
2 camera-settings for the upper body.
2 camera-settings for the legs (standing and upside-down/laying)
3 camera-settings for standing poses.

32 single lights that can be combined to new sets.
11 camera presets for different studio-situations.
A detailed tutorial to get you started and with many more tips and tricks to make light setups easy, fun and creative.

Fiat Lux
22 light-sets with matching atmosphere settings,
easy to apply from your light- and material library.
3 camera presets:
Perfect starting presets for classic high-, square- and wide-format renders.
2 innovative backdrops:
The new trapezoid shape makes it easy to handle the camera and lights,
even unusual angles are possible.
16dramatic textures for the backdrops:
Perfect for use with volumetric lights but beatiful with classic light sets, too.
A detailed tutorial with lots of images (separate english and german version).

Hair and clothes used in the promotional images are not included!

Used items for the promotional images:
Anders hair and Mihai Hair(Neftis), Short Bob (free, made by Kozaburo).
Clothes by Hongyu and Orion (not available for purchase any longer)
High Heels by idler
materials for the props and Jule's Bikini by tabala
All images rendered in Poser 7 Firefly with
auline, Nubya and Jule for V4 by Digital-Lion and SaintFox.

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