Grotto's Vampire for Michael 3

3D Figure Assets released on Dec 23, 2008
Grotto's Vampire for Michael 3 by N/A

DAZ Michael 3 figure, Poser 5,6,7 and up.
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MAC compatible with MAConverter ::

GROTTO'S VAMPIRE:: High Definition Character Morph and Texture Set for Michael 3 From Grotto3D

Months of work have gone into bringing to life my vision of a vampire character for the modern age.
The traditional humanesque, cape and tuxedo clad vampire figure has been replaced by a fresh, new interpretation of the theme.
Here is a creature that has evolved into the ultimate nocturnal hunter, possessing everything it needs to locate, track and prey upon its human victims.
Combining the best attributes of its human origin and its vampire DNA, this shadow dweller possesses razor-sharp fangs and talons. It's eyes are highly light sensitive, giving it a kind of natural "infra-red" vision.
The creature possesses a highly developed audio sense that allows it to literally hear its victim’s heart and circulatory system.
A keen sense of smell also allows it to track the scent of its victim’s blood.
Possessing bat-like wings, the creature can silently swoop down on its unsuspecting prey from the air.
When you combine these abilities with super-human strength and virtual immortality, this vampire is a formidable adversary for even the best Vampire Hunter!

About the product:

GROTTO'S VAMPIRE FULL BODY MORPH changes virtually every part of the Michael 3 geometry.
The body sculpt is strong but lightweight; that of a predator adapted to flight.
The basic face features bat-like ears and a mouth full of sharp bat-like fangs. The nose is reminiscent of that of a skull, projecting a sense of gloom.
Additional facial morphs (all included!) allow you to give the vampire a more human look. Other morphs (also included!) allow you to give the creature a more bat-like look.
An astounding set of over 60 CUSTOM HEAD, BODY AND FACIAL MORPHS has been included to pose THE VAMPIRE'S radically changed geometry.
Extremely easy to load, all morph files are packaged as a set and load with a single mouse click!
The SKIN COLOR on this character is a bloodless, pale whitish-gray.
The FULL BODY BUMP MAP details facial wrinkles veins and other features.
THE VAMPIRE'S TEXTURE MAPS, BUMP MAPS and BUMP SETTINGS are also packaged to load with just one mouse click!
POSEABLE WINGS are fully articulated and come complete with their own morphs so you can fold or hyper-extend them. The wings come with their own texture map and are packaged as a separate figure so you can use them on other characters!
THE TAIL comes with its own texture map and is also fully articulated with over 20 joints for smooth positioning.
Body poses, Wing poses, Hand Poses, Tail poses, Facial expression poses and 3 "Vampire" light sets are also included to make Posing and Lighting a SNAP!

So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!! Get GROTTO'S VAMPIRE and Rule The Night!! Immortality awaits!

-Custom VAMPIRE FULL BODY MORPH in convenient INJ pose format
-Fully Articulated VAMPIRE WINGS
-Fully Articulated VAMPIRE TAIL
-6 Hand Poses
-Bloodless "Vampire Flesh"- FULL HEAD AND BODY TEXTURE with BUMP MAP in INJ pose format
-Detailed "Bat-like" WING TEXTURE
-3 "Vampire" LIGHT SETS
-installation instructions for both PC and MAC

Grotto3D- Because art should be FUN!

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