Natural Beauty Lights

released on Nov 20, 2008
Natural Beauty Lights by N/A

Poser 6, Poser 7 and PoserPro, For PC and Mac
Available Uses:

Natural Beauty Lights
Assorted IBL lights created for Poser 6, 7 and Pro

This package is a well balanced collection that simulates natural outdoor and indoor light without altering the color of skin and environment more than natural light would do. All IBL-light probes are handpainted by me to get as much effect as possible while giving the light a natural color.

If you explore the test renders above and on the following sites you'll see that this light set is able to work beautiful with every kind of skin...

...and once you tried them out you'll see that one can never have enough lightsets!

Every light set comes in two versions: With AO and without AO enabled on the IBL-light.

Handpainted light-probes create a natural and realistic effect while up to four assisting light sources care for highlights, shadows and incredible depth.

Look what you get:
30 light sets basing on one IBL light and three or four assisting lights with AO.
30 light sets basing on one IBL light and three or four assisting lights without AO.

Hair, clothes, props and backdrop used in the promotional images are not included!

Used items for the promotional images:
Daryl hair , X-Clamation Top and Bikini-pant available at DAZ
Super Bob hair and Aundrea hair by Bice and Outoftouch
Bikini from the Exotic Fashion set by Jasmina,
One-Piece Swimsuit for V4 by 3D-Age,
Poses by tabala (Bodyart),
Ilona (Rope Dance),
Danie and Marforno (Sisterhood) and
AerySoul (Attitude)
All clothing materials:
Reflect Rubber by tabala
Backdrop: Fiat Lux by Digital-Lion and SaintFox
Morphs and textures for V4:
Youko, Nubya and Pauline by Digital-Lion and SaintFox

All images rendered in PoserPro Firefly.

Price: $10.00 USD

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