Mutant Add-On Pack for Mr. Happy-The Living Corpse

3D Figure Assets released on May 03, 2008
Mutant Add-On Pack for Mr. Happy-The Living Corpse by N/A

DAZ Michael 3 base figure, Mr. Happy-The Living Corpse Morph Pack by Grotto3D, Poser 5, 6, 7 or higher.
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MAC compatible with MAConverter

::The MUTANT Add-On Pack for MR HAPPY - The Living Corpse::
High Definition Character Morph and Texture Add-On Set for Mr. Happy for Michael 3
From Grotto3D

What do you get when you genetically alter a Living Corpse???!!


If you thought MR HAPPY was Creepy, Wait until you add this INCREDIBLE MUTANT MORPH to the mix!!!

The MUTANT ADD-ON PACK for Mr. Happy Mutates Mr. Happy into a Hideous, DNA-Fused GENETIC NIGHTMARE!!!!!
Bulbous gray eyes peer out from a misshapen skull with oversized, vein riddled, cranium and protruding razor-sharp fangs!!!
The body malformed, twisted and contorted with a tumerous Hunch-Back, The left Hand now a Hideous CLAW!!!

A FREAKIN' MONSTER-- Perfect for terrorizing a Beautiful victim, Lurking in the shadows or taking revenge on some Evil Mad Scientist!

This is an add-on for Mr. Happy so you can also mix these morphs with many of the Mr. Happy morphs to create your own MUTANT-ZOMBIE HYBRED CREATURE!!!!

THE MUTANT FULL BODY MORPH is "Hand Sculpted" and comes packaged with 14 all new facial morphs created exclusively for this product. All morphs are packaged as a set and load with a single mouse click!

The MUTANT TEXTURE is a variation of the Mr. Happy texture- no scars this time around, lighter in color with a bit more gloss for a semi-wet look, veins added to the body map and a pinkish-veiny "brain" texture added to the skull!!
All texture and bump maps are packaged as a set and also load with one click!

!SOMETHING NEW FOR THIS PACK!-- I am including 17 INSTANT EXPRESSION POSES so you can add a wide variety of facial expressions with a single click of the mouse!!


All of Mr. Happy’s original Action Poses are included, specially modified for use with The MUTANT – Plus 13 ALL NEW MUTANT full body ACTION POSES including 2 basic Mutant Stance poses that are a great starting point for creating your own poses!!

And, one more little bonus, just for fun-- A MUTANT/SKULL nose option dial for even more versatility!!

So, if you're looking for something truly Different, truly Unique, Truly !!BIZZARE!!----
If you have a secret desire to dominate the Earth with your own army of Monstrous Mutants or, if perhaps, you just want to create some really great art!--
Get The MUTANT ADD-ON PACK for Mr. Happy today!!

Grotto3D- Because art should be FUN!


-full custom MUTANT add-on morph for Mr. Happy - the Living Corpse in convenient INJ pose format
-14 exclusive custom face morphs
-17 Instant Expression Poses
-Instant Claw Poses
-realistic "Mutant Skin"- full head and body texture add-on
-full head and body bump map add-on
-10 Mr. Happy original body poses in special MUTANT friendly version
-13 All New horrifying MUTANT Body Poses
-Mutant or "Skull" nose option morph
-installation instructions for both PC and MAC

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