Everyday house - Bedroom

3D Models released on Jan 10, 2008
Everyday house - Bedroom by N/A

Tested in Poser 6 and Poser 7 (PC)
Available Uses:

A pack of all that you need in order to give amazing renders to your figures! No need to wary for 'plastic look' or washed out shadows.
All the props are there, many of them possible, all the lights are at the correct position and give realistic shadows..
They are organized in groups with the correct order so that you can quickly show and hide props to render from deferent angles.

-Magnets are used for animating bed layer and pillows and there is a ready to clothify bed blanket.

-One python script is used to animate lights (on-off) and another one to animate the clock.

-Special attention has been given to reduce the vertices so that renders be made quickly, but without affecting the final quality.

-The only thing you must do is add your favourite characters to give life in the scene.

-All props are UV-mapped and textured.
-The whole scene is only about 76500 vertices (less than G2 male!) so it will not slow down your renders.

-For more details click the ReadMe File.

In short this is what you get:
1 scenefile in .pz3 format
33 props
44 texture maps
5 lights
2 python scripts
3 magnets

Price: $15.00 USD

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