Studio Moods for DS

released on Nov 25, 2007
Studio Moods for DS by N/A

DAZ Studio 1.8 and higher (not compatible with Poser!),
Available Uses:

Studio Moods
The perfect light-collection for DAZ Studio

Lighting in DAZ Studio is different from setting up lights in Poser!

This set takes care for the different needs of all DS users and will make it easy and fun to set up classic photo-studio scenes that render with ease.

No need for big lightdomes, Studio Moods does the trick with up to three lights.

All files come in DAZ studio format, you will not need a Poser installation on your computer.

We kept basic idea of classic studio lights as seen in the In The Mood pack - but all lights are created in and for DS. In other words: This is no adaption of In The Mood with altered settings!

With this pack you can choose from a collection of 36 light presets that offer the perfect atmosphere for your scene and your needs.

We included high-end sets that will take a while to render but give you spectacular results you wouldn't expect from a software that is available for free (see example above).

...and you'll find sets that will render perfect results in minutes - like the example below:

Look what you get:

36 light sets that contain:
25 general lightsets suitable for standing poses, upper body renders, environment scenes and so on.
4 lightsets made especially for portraits.
7 lightsets for sitting poses and other situations that need a focus of the light set nearer to the ground.
Eight of these lightset are made to get the most out of dark-skinned characters.

A backdrop tool (as sold with Fiat Lux, too), easy to load from the scenes-folder in your content library.
It comes with:
3 camera presets made for standing poses and general purpose, portrait renders and sitting poses.
16 colorful and dramatic background-textures.

Hair and clothes used in the promotional images are not included!

Used items for the promotional images:
Rievel Hair (Neftis - DAZ), Xylia hair (AprilYSH - DAZ), V4 bikini from the basic-wear set by DAZ
Texture on Jule is "MyLin V4" by rebelmommy, available at DAZ, texture on Nubya altered to work with DAZ studio.

Jule and Nubya for V4 by SaintFox and Digital Lion.
You need DAZ Studio, available for free at DAZ3D.
All examples rendered with DAZ Studio and the included 3Delight software renderer.

Be sure to check out the included readme for tipps and tricks about how to alter and tweak the lights and cameras to create your own new and unique sets!!

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$10.00 USD 35% Off
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Prime Price: $4.50 USD
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Clearance products are non-refundable.

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