Magic Mirror - Real Raytraced Reflections for Poser 5 and 6

3D Models released on May 03, 2004
Magic Mirror - Real Raytraced Reflections for Poser 5 and 6 by N/A

Poser 5 or Poser 6. 1.33 GHZ Processor and 512 MB RAM Reccomended.
Available Uses:

Tired of "faked" reflection maps in Poser? Shadow Dale Creations introduces Magic Mirror MAT poses with real raytraced reflections. Raytraced reflections offer a new level of photo-realism, never before possible in Poser renders.
Now you can have mirrors that really reflect what is before them, oceans that reflect the sky, and objects that reflect the environment. Why Export your Poser scene to another application like Bryce or Vue d'Esprit, when you can get
real raytraced materials in Poser?


Installation and use:

You must have Poser 5 installed to use this product.
You must use Poser 5's Firefly render engine to use these MATs.
Raytracing must be turned on in the render options in order to see raytraced reflections on rendered objects.

Included files:

RuntimeReadMe Files
Magic Mirror ReadMe.txt

RuntimelibrariesmaterialsMagic MirrorCar Colors
Aqua-Blue Metallic.mt5
Aqua-Blue Metallic.png
Black Metallic.mt5
Black Metallic.png
Blue Arctic Metallic.mt5
Blue Arctic metallic.png
Blue Metallic.mt5
Blue Metallic.png
Blue-Aqua Metallic.mt5
Blue-Aqua Metallic.png
Blue-Green Metallic.mt5
Blue-Green Metallic.png
Blue-Purple Metallic.mt5
Blue-Purple Metallic.png
Bronze Metallic.mt5
Bronze Metallic.png
Brown Metallic.mt5
Brown Metallic.png
Burgundy Metallic.mt5
Burgundy Metallic.png
Champagne Metallic.mt5
Champagne Metallic.png
Charcoal Metallic.mt5
Charcoal Metallic.png
Flamingo Metallic.mt5
Flamingo Metallic.png
Green Bright Metallic.mt5
Green Bright Metallic.png
Green Metallic.mt5
Green Metallic.png
Green-Purple Metallic.mt5
Green-Purple Metallic.png
Green-Yellow Metallic.mt5
Green-Yellow Metallic.png
Orange Metallic.mt5
Orange Metallic.png
Orange-Yellow Metallic.mt5
Orange-Yellow Metallic.png
Purple Metallic.mt5
Purple Metallic.png
Purple-Blue Metallic.mt5
Purple-Blue Metallic.png
Purple-Green Metallic.mt5
Purple-Green Metallic.png
Purple-Magenta Metallic.mt5
Purple-Magenta Metallic.png
Purple-Red Metallic.mt5
Purple-Red Metallic.png
Red Metallic.mt5
Red Metallic.png
Red-Orange Metallic.mt5
Red-Orange Metallic.png
Rose Metallic.mt5
Rose Metallic.png
School Bus Yellow.mt5
School Bus Yellow.png
Yellow Metallic.mt5
Yellow Metallic.png

RuntimelibrariesmaterialsMagic MirrorDayglow
Dayglow Blue.mt5
Dayglow Blue.png
Dayglow Green.mt5
Dayglow Green.png
Dayglow Magenta.mt5
Dayglow Magenta.png
Dayglow Orange.mt5
Dayglow Orange.png
Dayglow Purple.mt5
Dayglow Purple.png
Dayglow Red.mt5
Dayglow Red.png
Dayglow Yellow.mt5
Dayglow Yellow.png

RuntimelibrariesmaterialsMagic MirrorGlass
! Amber Glass.mt5
! Amber Glass.png
! Auto Glass.mt5
! Auto Glass.png
! Black Glass.mt5
! Black Glass.png
! Blue Glass.mt5
! Blue Glass.png
! Brown Glass.mt5
! Brown Glass.png
! Glass High Quality.mt5
! Glass High Quality.png
! Glass Simple.mt5
! Glass Simple.png
! Green Glass.mt5
! Green Glass.png
! Purple Glass.mt5
! Purple Glass.png
! Red Glass.mt5
! Red Glass.png
! Smoked Glass.mt5
! Smoked Glass.png
! Yellow Glass.mt5
! Yellow Glass.png
Deep Amber Glass.mt5
Deep Amber Glass.png
Deep Blue Glass.mt5
Deep Blue Glass.png
Deep Green Glass.mt5
Deep Green Glass.png
Deep Purple Glass.mt5
Deep Purple Glass.png
Deep Red Glass.mt5
Deep Red Glass.png
Deep Yellow Glass.mt5
Deep Yellow Glass.png

RuntimelibrariesmaterialsMagic MirrorGlossy
Aqua Glossy.mt5
Aqua Glossy.png
Black Glossy.mt5
Black Glossy.png
Blue Deep Glossy.mt5
Blue Deep Glossy.png
Blue Glossy.mt5
Blue Glossy.png
Blue Sky Glossy.mt5
Blue Sky Glossy.png
Burgundy Glossy.mt5
Burgundy Glossy.png
Flamingo Glossy.mt5
Flamingo Glossy.png
Gray Glossy.mt5
Gray Glossy.png
Green Dark Glossy.mt5
Green Dark Glossy.png
Green Glossy.mt5
Green Glossy.png
Orange Glossy.mt5
Orange Glossy.png
Pastel Aqua Glossy.mt5
Pastel Aqua Glossy.png
Pastel Blue Glossy.mt5
Pastel Blue Glossy.png
Pastel Green Glossy.mt5
Pastel Green Glossy.png
Pastel Orange Glossy.mt5
Pastel Orange Glossy.png
Pastel Pink Glossy.mt5
Pastel Pink Glossy.png
Pastel Purple Glossy.mt5
Pastel Purple Glossy.png
Purple Glossy.mt5
Purple Glossy.png
Red Glossy.mt5
Red Glossy.png
Rose Glossy.mt5
Rose Glossy.png
White Glossy.mt5
White Glossy.png
Yellow Glossy.mt5
Yellow Glossy.png

RuntimelibrariesmaterialsMagic MirrorMarble
! Black Marble.mt5
! Black Marble.png
! Blue Marble.mt5
! Blue Marble.png
! Blue-Gray Marble.mt5
! Blue-Gray Marble.png
! Brown Marble.mt5
! Brown Marble.png
! Cream Marble.mt5
! Cream Marble.png
! Gold Marble.mt5
! Gold Marble.png
! Gray Marble.mt5
! Gray Marble.png
! Green Marble.mt5
! Green Marble.png
! Ivory Marble.mt5
! Ivory Marble.png
! Orange Marble.mt5
! Orange Marble.png
! Purple Marble.mt5
! Purple Marble.png
! Red Marble.mt5
! Red Marble.png
! Rose Marble.mt5
! Rose Marble.png
! Sky Blue Marble.mt5
! Sky Blue Marble.png
! White Marble.mt5
! White Marble.png
! Yellow Marble.mt5
! Yellow Marble.png
Cloudy Black Marble.mt5
Cloudy Black Marble.png
Cloudy Blue Marble.mt5
Cloudy Blue Marble.png
Cloudy Brown Marble.mt5
Cloudy Brown Marble.png
Cloudy Cobalt Marble.mt5
Cloudy Cobalt Marble.png
Cloudy Coral Marble.mt5
Cloudy Coral Marble.png
Cloudy Cream Marble.mt5
Cloudy Cream Marble.png
Cloudy Forest Marble.mt5
Cloudy Forest Marble.png
Cloudy Gold Marble.mt5
Cloudy Gold Marble.png
Cloudy Gray Marble.mt5
Cloudy Gray Marble.png
Cloudy Green Marble.mt5
Cloudy Green Marble.png
Cloudy Orange Marble.mt5
Cloudy Orange Marble.png
Cloudy Pink Marble.mt5
Cloudy Pink Marble.png
Cloudy Purple Marble.mt5
Cloudy Purple Marble.png
Cloudy Red Marble.mt5
Cloudy Red Marble.png
Cloudy Sky Marble.mt5
Cloudy Sky Marble.png
Cloudy White Marble.mt5
Cloudy White Marble.png
Cloudy Yellow Marble.mt5
Cloudy Yellow Marble.png

RuntimelibrariesmaterialsMagic MirrorMetals
Aluminum Brushed.mt5
Aluminum Brushed.png
Aluminum Cast.mt5
Aluminum Cast.png
Blue Gunmetal.mt5
Blue Gunmetal.png
Brass Brushed.mt5
Brass Brushed.png
Bronze Brushed.mt5
Bronze Brushed.png
Chrome Brushed.mt5
Chrome Brushed.png
Copper Brushed.mt5
Copper Brushed.png
Copper Cast.mt5
Copper Cast.png
Gold Antique.mt5
Gold Antique.png
Gold Brushed.mt5
Gold Brushed.png
Gold Cast.mt5
Gold Cast.png
Gunmetal Brushed.mt5
Gunmetal Brushed.png
Gunmetal Cast.mt5
Gunmetal Cast.png
Steel Brushed.mt5
Steel Brushed.png
Steel Cast.mt5
Steel Cast.png
Titanium Brushed.mt5
Titanium Brushed.png
Titanium Cast.mt5
Titanium Cast.png

RuntimelibrariesmaterialsMagic MirrorMirror & Misc
! Mirror.mt5
! Mirror.png
Lake of Fire.mt5
Lake of Fire.png
Lake of Lava.mt5
Lake of Lava.png
Molten Metal.mt5
Molten Metal.png
Phosphor Green.mt5
Phosphor Green.png
Semi-Gloss Black.mt5
Semi-Gloss Black.png
Semi-Gloss Blue-Gray.mt5
Semi-Gloss Blue-Gray.png
Semi-Gloss Dark Gray.mt5
Semi-Gloss Dark Gray.png
Semi-Gloss Gray.mt5
Semi-Gloss Gray.png
Semi-Gloss Navy.mt5
Semi-Gloss Navy.png
Semi-Gloss White.mt5
Semi-Gloss White.png
Wet Asphalt.mt5
Wet Asphalt.png
Wet Bricks.mt5
Wet Bricks.png
Wet Sidewalk.mt5
Wet Sidewalk.png

RuntimelibrariesmaterialsMagic MirrorTranslucent
Aqua Translucent.mt5
Aqua Translucent.png
Blue Translucent.mt5
Blue Translucent.png
Green Translucent.mt5
Green Translucent.png
Orange Translucent.mt5
Orange translucent.png
Purple Translucent.mt5
Purple Translucent.png
Red Translucent.mt5
Red Translucent.png
White Translucent.mt5
White Translucent.png
Yellow Translucent.mt5
Yellow translucent.png

RuntimelibrariesmaterialsMagic MirrorWater
Water 1 - Still.mt5
Water 1 - Still.png
Water 2 - Calm.mt5
Water 2 - Calm.png
Water 3 - Windy.mt5
Water 3 - Windy.png
Water 4 - Choppy.mt5
Water 4 - Choppy.png
Water 5 - Wavy.mt5
Water 5 - Wavy.png

RuntimelibrariesmaterialsMagic MirrorWood
Wood Dark.mt5
Wood Dark.png
Wood Darkest.mt5
Wood Darkest.png
Wood Light.mt5
Wood Light.png
Wood Lightest.mt5
Wood Lightest.png
Wood Medium.mt5
Wood Medium.png
Wood Red.mt5
Wood Red.png

RuntimelibrariesPropsMagic Mirror
Magic Mirror 1.png
Magic Mirror 1.pp2
Magic Mirror 2.png
Magic Mirror 2.pp2

RuntimelibrariestexturesMagic Mirror
Magic Mirror 1 MirrorTransmap.jpg


Raytraced reflections use a lot of memory, expect longer render times than usual. A 1.33 GHZ Processer with 512 MB or more of RAM or better is recommended.

2 bonus Magic Mirror props are included with preset materials to get you started.


$10.00 USD 35% Off
Price: $6.50 USD

Prime Price: $4.50 USD
55% Off

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$10.00 USD 35% Off
Price: $6.50 USD

Prime Price: $4.50 USD
55% Off

4109 4