Blood Pools Kit I & II (Poser)

3D Models released on Dec 21, 2003
Blood Pools Kit I & II (Poser) by N/A

Poser 4 & higher
Available Uses:

Blood Pools - Special Gore FX for Poser!

Blood Pools I includes 8 Floor pools and 2 "Wall Splatter" props.
Blood pools II is a set of 13 3d puddles of blood. You
can also use for water, oil, alien slime, or any color to make the
liquid of your choice by using other materials like the ones included
with Poser.

Blood Pools I & II are easy to load, fast to render, and are
a quick solution when you need a messy crime or battle scene.

To use, just double-click the Props in your Props/Blood Pools directory in Poser. Each prop will appear on the floor, or in the case of the 2 wall splatter props, vertically aligned so you can position them on a wall. Resize or move as desired, and that's pretty much it!

Blood Pools I Includes:
- 8 floor pools
- 2 "wall splatter" props

Blood Pools II Includes:
- 13 3d puddles of blood
- 3ds max version

Includes a red material/color built-in; can also be textured using P5 and P6 materials as desired for more effects!

These have not been tested on a Mac, but should work fine with MacConverter.

Make a mess with Blood Pools for Poser!