Poseable Demon Wings

3D Figure Assets released on May 18, 2001
Poseable Demon Wings by N/A

Poser 6 or higher. Does not work in DS
Available Uses:

10th Anniversary Edition!

My oldest product here at Renderosity, the Poseable Demon Wings, have been purchased every month for over 11 years, and as a thank you to the community I decided to give them an overhaul!

For those of you that have already purchased the wings, simply re-download the zip file for the brand new version. For those who have yet to try the wings you will find an intriguing pair of demonic fantasy wings for a fantastic price. In this new package all the textures have been rebuilt from scratch, giving the wings 5 very distinct looks, including a bones-only MAT. Also included are 6 wing poses, along with a pose to center and reset your V4, and reset the wings allowing you to parent them to her back (works with other figures, such as Genesis/M4 as well, simply move the wing Body actor accordingly).

The Poseable Demon Wings are a Renderosity classic and they've been faithully chugging along bearing my first infant texture designs for over a decade. Now I invite you to check out these NEW demon wings and bid the old ones a fond farewell!

*This new version of the wings should work in DS as well as Poser.

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