LBLC Artic Portal

3D Models released on Apr 17, 2024
LBLC Artic Portal by N/A

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY
Available Uses:

Kathmandu 1438 the portal opens up at the icy mountain where the time traveler jumps from one realm to another, looking for the intelligence cube that holds the power to change the path of the past and the future‥In this icy mountain of Nepal might hold that secret where it was once inhabited by Intelligent beings for thousands of years…‥Follow the travelers adventure and check out all the Portal collection in our line up of products‥add your character, crafts etc…make this set your one of a kind story‥Happy rendering!

For those who love the cold this arctic Portal lands you in your desired climate wherever that may be future, presence or past . This product contains the following items:

DP Portal, Rockies, Snow Trees, and Terrain

All created in blender3d, setup and rendered in DAZ studio using Iray renderer, textures used in this product are all royalty free.

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