Render Knight Script for Poser 13

Software released on Apr 16, 2024
Render Knight Script for Poser 13 by N/A

Available Uses:

Included in this package:

* Five Render Presets using SuperFly, for fast to detailed rendering;
* Drop-down choice to render in CPU, GPU or using OptiX;
* Checkboxes to render motion blur and depth of field;
* Checkboxes to better render if the scene contains glass, liquids, metals or other shiny surfaces;
* Render button starts rendering in background with the current options (note that Poser's "render in background" allows the user to keep working, but does not show a progress bar);
* Dockable interface.

Please note that the author of this script has no access to a machine with multiple GPUs, meaning it has not been tested in that situation.
The rendering methods for Poser 13 are very different from those on Poser 12. Because of this, the code on this version of the Render Knight works in another way. Differences in render between Poser 13 and Poser 12 may occour, using this plugin or not.

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