Songbird ReMix Flowerpiercers & Leaftossers

3D Models released on Apr 12, 2024
Songbird ReMix Flowerpiercers & Leaftossers by N/A

Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Daz Studio 4, Poser Pro 11, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, Poser 12, Poser 13
Available Uses:

This set includes two distinct types of South American birds whose names are associated with their unusual behaviors, flowerpiercers and leaf-tossers.

Flowerpiercers are from the Thraupidae family. There are eighteen known species distributed through Central and South America (Seven have been selected for this set). They are commonly known as flowerpiercers because of their habit of piercing the base of flowers to access nectar that otherwise would be out of reach. This is done with their highly modified bill, which is typically upswept, with a hook at the tip.

Leaftossers are from the Furnariidae (oven-bird) family. There are seven species that are found in Mexico, Central America and South America. They are known for their foraging mostly on the ground, flipping aside leaves and pecking at leaf litter and rotting logs, hopping rather than walking.

There are two versions of this set for native support in Poser and DAZ Studio. Materials have been tuned to support Iray, 3Delight, Superfly and Firefly renderers.

What's Included & Features:

Models (.cr2/.obj and .duf formats)
* Songbird Base model

Bird Species(.cr2/.obj and.duf formats with 4K texture maps)

Perching Birds (Order (Order Passeriformes)
Cardinals, Tanagers & their Allies
* Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer (unisex)
* Moustached Flowerpiercer (unisex)
* Gray-bellied Flowerpiercer (unisex)
* Venezuelan Flowerpiercer (m/f)
* Greater Flowerpiercer (unisex)
* Indigo Flowerpiercer (unisex)
* Masked Flowerpiercer (unisex)
Antbirds, Antpittas & their Allies
* Tawny-throated Leaftosser (unisex)
* South American Leaftosser (unisex)
* Short-billed Leaftosser (unisex)
* Scaly-throated Leaftosser (unisex)
* Black-tailed Leaftosser (unisex)
* Gray-throated Leaftosser (unisex)
* Rufous-breasted Leaftosser (unisex)

Poses (.pz2 and .duf formats)
* Default Reset Pose
* Alert
* Flight
* Ground Peck
* Perch Limb

Field Guide and Manual in .PDF format (Includes detailed information about behavior, nesting and range)


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