Kitbashers 010 MMG9

3D Models released on Mar 13, 2024
Kitbashers 010 MMG9 by N/A

Daz Studio 4
Base Figures:
Genesis 9
Available Uses:


In the Grand Old Tradition of Model Makers Kit-Bashing, YOU can create YOUR VERY OWN characters
by piecing together items from our multiple sources. You might take gloves from one set and the
bodysuit from another set to create a newly-customized costume. We strive to grow our catalog so
that you may find what you're looking for to fit your needs. Most items are highly customizable
with multiple "Material Zones." You'll be amazed at how different something will look by a
simple color change.

Included in Pack:
1 Swimsuit for G9
1 Pair[s] of Opera Gloves for G9
1 Pair[s] of Thigh Highs for G9