Ilya Muromets Commercial Transport Add-on

3D Models released on Nov 20, 2023
Ilya Muromets Commercial Transport Add-on by N/A

This is an add-on set for, and requires the Ilya Muromets WW I Bomber product, available in the Renderosity Marketplace.

Igor Sikorsky's 1913 Ilya Muromets aircraft was a revolutionary design intended for commercial service, with a spacious fuselage incorporating a passenger saloon and small private cabin. In 1914 a prototype made a record flight from St. Petersburg to Kyiv and back.

Based on historical photos and contemporaneous descriptions, this add-on converts the Marketplace bomber product to a commercial passenger transport. The add-on package includes an additional float plane conversion based in part on historical photos, that can also be applied to the original bomber version.

Although designed for Poser, the additions are compatible with DAZ Studio (see Read-me for particulars).

The poseable Ilya Muromets Transport Add-on figure has ERC controls at the Body level that:
o Open the fuselage and interior doors
o Open the passenger saloon windows

o Passenger Seats
o Upper bridge
o Deputy Pilot Camp Seat
o Private cabin bunk
Additional smart props
o Alternate cabin configuration with benches
o Ladder to upper bridge
o Float plane Pontoon Set

o Configuration
- Hide bomber parts to be replaced by Transport parts
- Alternate cabin configuration (benches)
- Hide wheels and skids to set up for float plane
- Hide Wheels for skids-only configuration
o Hide/Show pose
- Hide Fuselage Side for convenient visibility of cabin
o People poses
- Deputy Pilot
- Sixteen total M4 & V4 passenger poses
o MATs
- 2 speculative paint schemes

o Additional Dolly Camera settings for interior close-up views

o Cabin light set (preloaded)

See the ReadMe and view the product promos above for more information.

In addition to the items listed in a Promo and Renderosity Products shown in the Promo Credits tab above the following resources were used to produce the promos:
Menswear 1930, M4 Leather Jacket, M4 Headwear, Easy Environments Clouds, Lake Village
"Low poly old stone house" ( by Hamerl0k is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

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