LBLC_Desert Portal

3D Models released on Nov 15, 2023
LBLC_Desert Portal by N/A

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY
Available Uses:

As I said il be heading back to 2023 to the day my chopper crashed on Ogden mountain after being sabotaged by one or more foreign and domestic agencies in pursuit of the A.I. cubes I traveled with. With a A.I. cube , instructions, and my journal I pushed Lou to what I hoped was her best chance to safety I then took my narrow escape. Carrying the second of 3 cubes I activated the sequence to jump into same time in a parallel world as I had not cracked how to safely move organic matter in a straight line at a constant speed of 299,792,458 meters per second, better known as speed of light in a vacuum ,to a portal in the Moab desert 300 miles and many worlds away from HAFB where I instructed Lou to go thinking I could possibly get a idea from this alternate world as to weather we all made it safely or if even 1 of us and cube made it. That jump however enlightened me to the idea that none of us made it and cubes in wrong hands mist have triggered a war of catastrophic consequence because i was in a version of earth that even this great desert in the Moab had been touched and left lifeless and forlorn in its destruction. Looking around me at this still and silent world caused me grief and sadness ,but also a urgency to return swiftly to the plain I left to stop this alternate possibility there so I jumped again this time landing...

Models created with Blender3d, shaders with Iray materials and mixed of high resolution albedo, normal and specular maps.

Desert Portal is part of the Portal sets we are producing please do check the first version and be sure to follow the story.