LBLC The Portal

3D Models released on Nov 11, 2023
LBLC The Portal by N/A

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY
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Its hard to believe that only one year ago I jumped 100 years forward into this safe haven that is now humanities existence. Crime and violence isn't even a memory for these children of ww4 survivors. I barley unlocked the secretes to the A.I. cube in time to jump into the safety of this future .Having to leave both my wife and my brother in the blood behind in a time when humanity thrived and sustained themselves on the pain and suffering of all things living plagues my every thought and now that i have finished this portal i will jump back to 2023 in 12 hours 12 min and 12 seconds from now and i will find both Lou and Pilot ,when we will all 3 travel the cubes time line to my portal here in 2124, but while I wait I will tell my story of why I jumped into this future a year ago...

to be continued
main catwalk
overhead generator
structure support