RigControl for La Femme 2 P12

Software released on Oct 27, 2023
RigControl for La Femme 2 P12 by N/A

Base Figures:
La Femme 2 Female
Available Uses:

This is a Python script for Poser 12+. Requires Poser 12.0.1029 or later. For Windows 10+.

This is a Poser Python script that saves you time and effort when posing and scaling the new LaFemme 2 figure. It has sections dedicated to VISUALLY POSING her facial rig, and other posing/scaling controls spread across the body, arms, hands, legs, and feet. You can visually click and drag the control points to pose/scale them, instead of having to hunt for dials on the figure. It offers a centralized visual interface to access and pose her ghost bones, ERCs, and selected regular bones with simple click and dragging like you would do with dials, but without having to find them first on the figure.

These are some of the main features:

> Pose LF2's facial controls from a visual interface.
> Tabbed interface: Face, Body, Hands, Feet, and Presets.
> Simple click and drag operation.
> Includes controls for inner mouth teeth, and tongue.
> Control points for eyes, brows, and mouth complex ERC posing.
> Dedicated controls for ERC dials: face, arms, hands, and legs.
> Full hands and local finger controls.
> Pose all parts of the feet, including ghost bones.
> Pose any part of the body from a centralized location.
> Scale Mode: Scale body parts and change body proportions.
> On-the-fly 4 levels of dragging precision.
> Right-click to reset any control point.
> Color-coded control points for intuitive posing.
> Filter dialing by specific axis.
> Enable symmetry to dial both sides at the same time.
> Support for reversed symmetry dialing.
> Save your facial poses with 25 super-charged memory dots.
> Saved memory dots display a facial thumbnail.
> Camera auto-framing when saving a memory dot preset.
> Right-click a memory dot to add a custom caption.
> Option to include head rotations on facial memory dot presets.
> Option to reset head posing before loading memory dot preset.
> Global reset control points for Face, Body, Hands, and Feet.
> Informative tooltips describe extra options and information.
> Fully illustrated built-in PDF manual (launch it from the script!).
> Panel Persists when switching between rooms.
> Ability to disable auto-docking with the Poser interface.
> Smart dockable panel integrates seamlessly with Poser.

As you hover the mouse over the control points, their name is displayed below, so you can quickly identify what they do based on their name and position over the body. The control points are color-coded, making it easy to quickly identify what kind of control they are in a visual way. You have options to filter individual axis rotations, plus symmetry and reversed symmetry. Extra options include 4 levels of on-the-fly mouse precision control, resetting individual controls, or entire collections of them with 1-click.


The script includes an extra built-in enhanced facial preset "memory dots" panel, where you can store and retrieve your facial rig posing presets with ease. In addition to the regular functionality you already know from Poser memory dots, you can also add custom captions to each dot, and see a thumbnail preview of your saved face that is auto-created when you save a preset, with option to auto-frame the face for you! You can see the captions and previews by just hovering the mouse over the memory dot presets. You also have extra options to include head rotations to the facial posing presets, or load a preset on top of the existing facial posing, adding to it instead of replacing it.

But are the traditional mere 9 memory dots enough? NO! You will have 25 at your disposal to create your own facial expressions mini-library from within the tool! And what's cool, you can move these presets to your Face Poser library at any time to make more room. How awesome is that?

** For Windows 10+