Morphing Tail G8F

3D Models released on Oct 12, 2023
Morphing Tail G8F by N/A

Contains Adult Content!

Daz Studio 4
Base Figures:
Genesis 8 Female
Available Uses:

Morphing Tail for Genesis 8 Female is an useful tail figure for your art. It is rather for static renders (no bones inside figure). Goes with small technical problem, 15 useful combined morph presets and 5 color presets, colors easy to adjust,Please see promos :) Hope you enjoy.


Tail 01 wave.dsf
Tail 02 wave.dsf
Tail 03 wave.dsf
Tail 04 wave.dsf
Tail 05 wave.dsf
Tail 06 wave.dsf
Tail 07 wave.dsf
Tail 08 wave.dsf
Tail 09 wave side.dsf
Tail 10 wave side.dsf
Tail 11 wave side.dsf
Tail 12 wave side.dsf
Tail 13 wave.dsf
Tail 14 wave.dsf
Tail 15 wave.dsf
Tail Bend down.dsf
Tail Bend Side L.dsf
Tail Bend Side R.dsf
Tail Bend up.dsf
Tail Length.dsf

Tail figure.duf

Tail color 01 DEFAULT.duf
Tail color 02.duf
Tail color 03.duf
Tail color 04.duf
Tail color 05.duf

Tail 01.duf
Tail 02.duf
Tail 03.duf
Tail 04.duf
Tail 05.duf
Tail 06.duf
Tail 07.duf
Tail 08.duf
Tail 09.duf
Tail 10.duf
Tail 11.duf
Tail 12.duf
Tail 13.duf
Tail 14.duf
ZERO tail.duf

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