Dynamic Butterfly for La Femme 2

3D Models released on Sep 27, 2023
Dynamic Butterfly for La Femme 2 by N/A

What's Included:

Butterfly is a dynamic outfit for La Femme 2.

It includes an airy crossed back strap flowing mini dress, and 6 colourful whimsical styles in Firefly and Superfly.
Separate styles for the trim, straps, and hem in SHADER format.


Adj Back Straps
Adj Breasts
Adj Chest Sides
Adj Collars
Adj Lower Back
Adj Shoulders
Adj Waist
Reveal Breast Left
Reveal Breast Right
Reveal Breasts

NOTE: Morphs applied AFTER simulation MAY require the simulation to be run again.
Most adjustment morphs will not require resimulation, whereas most style morphs will.


Please note: Not all shapes and poses may be supported!

Stand out in any crowd... Never blend in!™


Poser 12+

La Femme 2

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Loni head by ShvrDavid (Renderosity)
La Femme 2 default skin, brows, eyes, makeup and lip colour (Renderosity)
Femmetastic Hair by Afrodite-Ohki (Renderosity)
Touchable Femmetastic by -Wolfie-
La Femme 2 base poses by Afrodite-Ohki (Renderosity)
La Femme 2 poses by jroulin (Renderosity)
BODY SHAPES: Athletic, Emaciated, Voluptuous, Default La Femme 2 shape.