Espiritu Bohemio Rings for Genesis 9 Feminine

3D Models released on Sep 26, 2023
Espiritu Bohemio Rings for Genesis 9 Feminine by N/A

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY
Base Figures:
Genesis 9
optional Simplicity Chains and Earrings, Face Chains, In the Circle, Leaf Life, Tywill, Bioux Hantee
Available Uses:

ESPIRITU BOHEMIO RINGS for Genesis 9 Base Feminine by Fabiana



These WEARABLE FILES are specially intended to load in place when using Genesis 9 Base Feminine.
If using custom baked body morphs or shapes you could need to adjust them by hand.
If loading over Genesis 9 Base or Masculine, same as above, but overal you will get these very in place and just a tad off, easy to fit.

15 Highly detailed Ring Models - One for each finger in the first phalange
05 Simple Style Ring Models - One for each finger in the first phalange and one for each finger in the second phalange
A Total of 220 Wearable files

21 Metal Colors - 09 Metal Bumps
05 Metal Utilities
12 Enamel Gem Colors
12 Metalized Gem Colors
30 Natural Stone Colors
12 Glittered Gem Colors
A Total of
101 IRAY ONLY Shaders

Note that this set of rings was made some years ago for Genesis 8 Females.
Due the changes on bone naming, position and shape of the new Genesis 9 Figure it was needed to remake the wearable files to avoid the misplacement and other errors on loading.
Meshes are the same but they were relocated, renamed and edited to add morphs and adjustability.
You won´t overwrite anything you already could have when putting this set in your library.

Metal shaders in this set are different from the shaders included in the previoud version for Genesis s8 Females. They were updated to march the newer jewelrt surfaces I am using in my latest and enhanced sets.

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