Nature's Wonders Ladybugs

3D Models released on Aug 30, 2023
Nature's Wonders Ladybugs by N/A

Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Daz Studio 4, Poser Pro 11, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, Poser 12, Poser 13
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The superfamily, Coccinellidae, is a widespread family of small beetles commonly known as ladybugs in North America and ladybirds in Great Britain. There are more than 6,000 described species and they have a global distribution and are found in a variety of habitats.

Ladybugs have had important roles in culture and religion, being associated with luck, love, fertility and prophecy. "Ladybird" is affectionate term for someone, such as for a loved one. They have been said to predict the future, particularly weather conditions and how well the crops will grow.

The Nature’s Wonders Ladybug set comes with a good variety of beetles found around the world. These include most of the most common ones found in North America and representative species of each of the other continents. The set includes ladybugs in their larva state and a full set of controls to mimic behaviors such as opening their shells to reveal their wings.

The Nature’s Wonders Ladybugs set comes in both Poser and DAZ Studio native versions and support Firefly, 3Delight, Superfly and Iray render engines.

What's Included & Features

Models (.cr2/.obj and .duf)
* Nature's Wonders Ladybug model (A fully articulated model with over 20 controls and morphs included)

Species included (.cr2/.obj and .duf with 4K maps)
* Seven-spot Ladybird
* Fourteen-spotted Ladybug
* Eighteen-spotted Ladybird
* Twenty-spotted Ladybird
* Twenty-two-spotted Ladybird
* Convergent Lady Beetle
* Traverse Ladybird
* Large Leaf-eating Ladybug
* Steelblue Ladybird
* Orange-spotted Ladybird

Materials (.mc6, .duf)
* 2 Alternate Shells (+ Default) for the Seven-spot Ladybird
* 2 Alternate Shells (+ Default) for the Convergent Lady Beetle

Poses (.pz2, .duf)
* ! Ladybug Default
* Ladybug Crawl1
* Ladybug Crawl2
* Ladybug Flight1
* Ladybug Flight2
* Ladybug Flight3
* Ladybug Upright
* A-Close Shell Retract Wings (animated-225 frames)
* A-Ladybug Flight (animated-30 frames)

Manuals (.pdf)
* Field Guide and Manual. Information and tips on use of product. Field Guide on the included species

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