Morgane Le Fay Cottage

3D Models released on Apr 24, 2023
Morgane Le Fay Cottage by N/A

Daz Studio 4, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY
Available Uses:

Despite being the Queen of Northgallis and Westerlands, Morgane Le Fay lives in a secluded cottage where she dedicates herself to the noble purpose of making potions to heal wounds and ailments, sending positive energies to the Knights of the Round Table.
Enter the domain of the Arthurian Legends with the Morgane Le Fay Cottage right now!


Included in this package:

Scene Subsets:
MFC Morgane Le Fay Full Scene !Complete
MFC Morgane Le Fay 1st Floor Scene
MFC Morgane Le Fay Cottage Scene
MFC Morgane Le Fay Outside Scene

Zero Props:
MFC Beaker
MFC Boiling Flask
MFC Broomstick
MFC Flask
MFC Flask-corked
MFC Large-pot
MFC Large-pot-lid
MFC Mixer
MFC Spoon

Camera Presets:
Camera 1st 46mm Fireplace
Camera 1st 64mm Shelves
Camera 1st 64mm Stair
Camera 1st 64mm Table
Camera 1st 64mm
Camera 1st 76mm
Camera 2nd 72mm 1
Camera 2nd 72mm 2
Camera Outside Front 36mm
Camera Outside General 36mm
Camera Outside Left 36mm
Camera Outside Right 36mm

Light Presets:
MFC Candle Lights
MFC Ceiling 1st Lights
MFC Ceiling 2nd Lights
MFC Fireplace Light

MFC Lantern Emission OFF
MFC Lantern Emission ON

242 Textures: Albedo, Roughness, Metallic, Transparency & Normal Maps
(1024x1024 to 4096 x 4096)