Nature's Wonders Dragonflies & Damselflies of the World Vol. 2

3D Models released on Mar 19, 2023
Nature's Wonders Dragonflies & Damselflies of the World Vol. 2 by N/A

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Dragonflies and Damselflies are among the most ancient insects on the planet. While these insects make the top 5 in beloved bugs along with ladybugs and butterflies, dragon and damselflies are efficient and ruthless killers. Their order, Odonata, which means the “toothed one” in Greek, refers to dismembering their prey adeptly with their mandibles and eating them while still in the air.

This add-on set has 4 species of dragonflies and 4 species of damselflies that are found throughout the world. This set includes such dragonfly species as Australia’s Thylacine Darner, which is endangered in its habitat and the Shadow Hawker from Africa which is almost all black in color. Interesting Damselflies are also included, each with a different wing coloring from solid blue to transparent with wing tip spots. All and all, you’ll find each of the species represented is more than just another dragonfly or damselfly

The set has both native DAZ Studio and Poser versions and supports Iray, 3Delight, Firefly and Superfly render engines.

What's Included & Features:

The "Nature's Wonders Dragonflies & Damselflies" by Ken Gilliland (not included) is required for this set to work.

Species included (.cr2/.obj and .duf with 4K maps)

* Beautiful Demoiselle m/f (Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia)
* Sparkling Jewelwing m/f (Eastern United States)
* Japanese Jewelwing m/f (Russian Far East, Japan, Korea, and eastern China)
* Yellow-striped Blue Dart m/f (India)

* Shadow Hawker m/f (Africa)
* Thylacine Darner m/f (Australia)
* Blue-eyed Darner m/f (Western United States)
* Migrant Hawker m/f (Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia)

Manuals (.pdf)
* Field Guide and Manual. Information and tips on use of product. Field Guide on the included species

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