Annette for Genesis 8 Female

3D Figure Assets released on Mar 19, 2023
Annette for Genesis 8 Female by N/A

Contains Adult Content!

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY
Base Figures:
Genesis 8 Female
Dforce Starter Essentials (for dual lobe hair shader)
Available Uses:

Girl next door or sophisticated woman of the world: Annette is a perfect fit for either role and many more! She comes with Iray materials, wearable geoshell presets for makeup, and custom attachments for strand-based eyebrows and pubic hair. Iray materials only.

1 head + body CTRL morph for G8F (apply/remove)
1 head morph for G8F (apply/remove)
1 body morph for G8F (apply/remove)
1 nails morph for G8F (apply/remove)
1 navel morph for G8F (apply/remove)
2 nipples morphs for G8F (apply/remove)

1 makeup wearable preset for G8F
1 script to toggle makeup geoshell
1 script to remove makeup geoshell
1 eyebrow wearable preset for G8F
1 pubic hair wearable preset for G8F

1 default hierarchical material preset
1 eyelash hierarchical material preset
1 genitalia hierarchical material preset
10 eye material presets
10 eyebrow and pubic hair material presets
11 fingernail material presets
11 toenail material presets
10 makeup hierarchical material presets
5 eyeliner material presets
10 eyeshadow material presets
10 lip material presets
2 normal map presets

1 character preset for G8F

The character preset loads Annette with selected morphs applied as well as attached G8F eyelashes and custom eyebrows -- all with default material presets applied.

The genitalia material preset requires the G8F genitalia: load it first, then apply the desired material preset.

Annette's makeup is a set of geoshells compatible with the Dimensionarium Makeup System, meaning all presets can be shared across the System and Annette (or other compatible characters).


Product Requirements:
Daz Studio 4.9+ (4.15+ for Utility Scripts)
Genesis 8 Female
Genesis 8 Female Genitalia (optional)
Dforce Starter Essentials


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