Pixel Downs Grandstand

3D Models released on Feb 22, 2023
Pixel Downs Grandstand by N/A

Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Daz Studio 4, Poser Pro 11, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, Poser 12
Pixel Downs Racetrack recommended
Available Uses:

Pixel Downs Grandstand was designed as an add-on to the Pixel Down Racetrack set. This set adds a Grandstand that sits alongside the racetrack and can sit over 11,000 people. This grandstand includes 4 types of seating; box seats equipped with personal monitor, cushioned reserved seats, bench general admission seats and cafe-styled seating with tables. This set also includes a complete paddock area with a post parade route, paddock oval and gardens and a paddock holding stable for up to 15 horses, as well as a billboard crowd for the grandstand. You can fill over 10,000 seats with people for under 2,000 polygons!

The set is broken into parented parts so that it doesn't become too polygon heavy. While this Grandstand set was designed for the Pixel Downs Racetrack set, it is versatile enough to be incorporated into other scenes as well.

This product has separate versions for DAZ Studio and Poser. It supports 3Delight, Iray, Firefly and Superfly render engines.


What's Included & Features

Prop Models (in .pp2/.obj and .duf formats)

* Complete Presets
* Grandstand Base (partially covered Grandstand with grounds - 18,000 Polygons)
* Grandstand Left Seating (all the Reserved and Box seats on the Left Side Grandstand - 91,200 Polygons)
** Grandstand Left Crowd Billboards (fills all Reserved Seating on the Left Side Grandstand - 426 Polygons)
** Grandstand Box Seat Miscellanous items (Programs and Tickets placed on the Monitor shelf - 108 Polygons)
* Grandstand Right Seating (all the Reserved seats on the Right Side Grandstand - 47,400 Polygons)
** Grandstand Right Crowd Billboards (fills all Reserved Seating on the Right Side Grandstand - 234 Polygons)
* Grandstand Rear Seating (all the General Admission bench seats at the upper tiers of the Grandstand - 155,000 Polygons)
** Grandstand Rear Seating (fills the General Admission bench seats at the upper tiers of the Grandstand - 1250 Polygons)
* Grandstand Cafe Seating (Tables and Chairs for the Cafe - 31,400 Polygons)
* Grandstand Front Hedges (6,500 Polygons)
* Paddock area (grounds, oval, gardens and Stable - 23,700 Polygons)
* Racetrack trash
* Cafe-styled Tables and Chairs (a small group of 9 tables, 31 chairs for placement on the paddock plaza area - 4,800 polygons)
* SkyDome (Poser & DS 3DL) or sky through Environmental Settings (DS Iray)

Materials (in .mc6 and .duf formats)
* Default materials of all the parts
* 4 tile floor patterns for the Cafe

Other Features:
* 13 Camera Settings (in .cm2 and .duf formats)
** Grandstand1-Full View
** Grandstand2-The Stretch
** Grandstand3-Finish Line
** Grandstand4-Top of the Stretch
** Grandstand5-Nose-bleed Section
** Grandstand6-Post Parade Tunnel
** Grandstand7-Boxseats
** Grandstand8-The Front
** Paddock1-The Gardens
** Paddock2-Post Parade
** Paddock3-Paddock Oval
** Paddock4-Holding Stables
** Paddock5-Holding Stables View
* Default Lighting
* 8 Placement Poses


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