Architectural Wall Panels - Wood

3D Models released on Jan 20, 2023
Architectural Wall Panels - Wood by N/A

Daz Studio 4
Available Uses:

The sixteen new architectural wall panels comprising the product are a direct extension of a previous product (Architectural Wall Panels, available in my Renderosity store). These wall panels were developed to fill a need when some sort of backdrop is called for in a scene. They are envisioned to be used when the emphasis is not on the background but on the main actors or objects. However, it feels like the scene is lacking ‘something’ without anything in the background. I have created sixteen (16) different architectural wall panels encompassing design styles from brutalism, modernism, mid-century modern, and whimsical to abstract. Each panel was created with reusability in mind so you can put as many as you need side-by-side. All panels seamlessly tile, but some panels have intentional flat rims around their edges for added visual interest. By default, each panel has a white Iray Uber shader applied, but the real uniqueness of this product is the custom wood textures, developed as Iray shaders. Each panel can be transformed into a unique photorealistic wood panel using either a maple, oak or walnut veneer. Two of the panels have built-in “light sources” part of the geometry, where the shader’s Emissive properties can be used to add light to the scene as if the wall panels have integrated light fixtures. Each custom texture map is 2K in size, giving a perfect balance between high detail and reduced memory consumption to allow larger scenes to fit into memory. The shaders were developed using the principles of Physically Based Rendering (PBR) with a Metallicity/Roughness scheme, appropriate for an Iray material shader used in DAZ Studio. Please see the usage tips section below for more information on how to alter the shader’s properties and get the maximum out of this product. Just in case, each prop is UV unwrapped and 2K texture templates can be found in a separate zip file, thus truly the sky is the limit to what each panel can be made from. As a bonus, don’t forget that each panel has a rear side! Most of them can be used as additional panels, giving you 20+ unique options!

I hope these new prop models will add a splash of fun to your scenes.
Happy rendering!