TOGUM Alien Egg and Cub

3D Models released on Dec 07, 2022
TOGUM Alien Egg and Cub by N/A

FBX Format, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Directly from my pc game "TOGUM", here comes the "TOGUM Egg and Cubs" !
These 2 alien creatures were enemies on the first version of the game, now they are avaiable in both a DAZ Studio Version and a FBX Version as well, so you can use them in your renders, scenes, and you have my permission to use them in your projects and games as well!

The "Togum Cub" have 10 morphs, it's own skeleton and 6 animations, and the "Togum Egg" haves 18 morphs, 2 materials: Blue and Green for both Iray and 3Delight and 4 animations. The video shows some of them. The product has the scene used to create the main promo as well.

The FBX folders have the Cub and the TOGUM Egg with their animations already saved, so if you work with a game engine who loads FBX like Unreal Engine they are ready to use!

What's Included:

> Togum Cub
> Togum Egg

> Togum Egg with Cubs

Togum Cub Animations:
> Attack
> Jump
> Resting
> Stand By
> Waking Up
> Walking

Togum Egg (Materials)
> Blue (3Delight)
> Green (3Delight)
> Blue (Iray)
> Green (Iray)

Togum Egg ( Animations )
> Alive
> Breathing
> Egg Died
> Stand By

* The female character used in the promo, hair, outfit, weapon and backgrounds are not included!
* TOGUMĀ© is property of Dieggo Masamune (The word "TOGUM" has no meaning)

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