Splash Crowns

3D Models released on Aug 20, 2022
Splash Crowns by N/A

Daz Studio 4
Available Uses:

It is often the small things that elevate realism in computer-generated imagery.
For example, splashes created by an object or figure falling into a liquid. Interaction with fluids
like water is often neglected to be included in a scene either because they are considered hard to
model right or because of the lack of available ready-made models. Well, not anymore! The Splash Crowns
product includes five distinct splash sequences generated using a fluid dynamics simulation.
These five sets of splashes capture an object’s initial contact with the liquid, the development of
splashes resembling a crown and ending with gentle waves after the object has sunk below the surface.
Each set contains eight distinct prop models giving rise to forty highly detailed models in total.
It is envisioned that the models represent a volumetric material such as water, paint, lava, or
even molten metal. Each model is emanating from a rectangular block of liquid representing the
vicinity of the liquid surface. This additional surface often contains subtle waves and undulations,
further enhancing realism. With a little care, multiple splashes can be combined in one scene expanding
the potential use of the Splash Crowns set.

I hope these new props models will add a splash of fun to your scenes.
Happy rendering!