Hate for G8-G8.1-V8

3D Figure Assets released on Feb 18, 2022
Hate for G8-G8.1-V8 by N/A

Contains Adult Content!

Contains Adult Content!

Contains Adult Content!

Contains Adult Content!

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M), Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)
Base Figures:
Genesis 8 Female, Victoria 8, Genesis 8 Male, Genesis 8.1 Female, Victoria 8.1, Genesis 8.1 Male

It can be a second skin that can consume you if you let it!

It is an ugly dress on your soul, feathers trying to embellish the truth, brambles with thorns piercing the enemies, wires that infliltrate the flesh, sneaky vipers who have a forked tongue.

Hate is a fantasy new decorative dream for G8F G8.1F V8 V8.1

This item has 8 pieces of decorative dreams and 56 MAT files, the Shoulder Feather and the Headpiece are smart props (SP) and the other items are conforming pieces.

Floating wires, feathers of arrogance, metal and lace, organic and viperized...

Bring some hate to your scenes.

Totally adapted to follow the sexy shapes of G8F G8.1F V8 V8.1 as well, it will also conform to any type of body you wish to use it on. You can use them all together or as separated pieces as you please.
If you wish it will also adapt to G8M, to bring some Hate to the boys as well!

Several color options are also included and even the amazing illuminating color (using emitters).

This item works only in DAZ and there are DUF files in it. Iray only.

This item includes:

Arm Branch
Arm Wire
Chest Bramble
Chest Wire
Headpiece SP
Leg Bramble
Shoulder Feather

MAT Files List:

!No Branch.duf
!No Branch.png
!No Feathers.duf
!No Feathers.png
!No Viper.duf
!No Viper.png
!No Wire.duf
!No Wire.png
Bramble Metal 1.duf
Bramble Metal 1.png
Bramble Metal 2.duf
Bramble Metal 2.png
Bramble Nature.duf
Bramble Nature.png
Branch Black Slimy.duf
Branch Black Slimy.png
Branch Bronze.duf
Branch Bronze.png
Branch Gold.duf
Branch Gold.png
Branch Silver.duf
Branch Silver.png
Dress Black Slimy.duf
Dress Black Slimy.png
Dress Black.duf
Dress Black.png
Dress Lace.duf
Dress Lace.png
Dress Leather.duf
Dress Leather.png
Dress Organic.duf
Dress Organic.png
Dress Snake 1.duf
Dress Snake 1.png
Dress Snake 2.duf
Dress Snake 2.png
Dress Snake 3.duf
Dress Snake 3.png
Dress Snake Bronze.duf
Dress Snake Bronze.png
Feather Black 1.duf
Feather Black 1.png
Feather Black 2.duf
Feather Black 2.png
Feather Black 3.duf
Feather Black 3.png
Feather Black 4.duf
Feather Black 4.png
Feather Bronze.duf
Feather Bronze.png
Feather Gold 1.duf
Feather Gold 1.png
Feather Gold 2.duf
Feather Gold 2.png
Feather Lace Gray 1.duf
Feather Lace Gray 1.png
Feather Lace Gray 2.duf
Feather Lace Gray 2.png
Feather Lace Purple.duf
Feather Lace Purple.png
Feather Red 1.duf
Feather Red 1.png
Feather Red 2.duf
Feather Red 2.png
Feather Silver.duf
Feather Silver.png
Feather Viperized 1.duf
Feather Viperized 1.png
Feather Viperized 2.duf
Feather Viperized 2.png
Gem Diamond.duf
Gem Diamond.png
Gem Green Emitter.duf
Gem Green Emitter.png
Gem Red Emitter.duf
Gem Red Emitter.png
Viper 1.duf
Viper 1.png
Viper 2.duf
Viper 2.png
Viper 3.duf
Viper 3.png
Viper Black Slimy.duf
Viper Black Slimy.png
Viper Black.duf
Viper Black.png
Viper Bronze.duf
Viper Bronze.png
Viper Gold 1.duf
Viper Gold 1.png
Viper Gold 2.duf
Viper Gold 2.png
Viper Red Slimy.duf
Viper Red Slimy.png
Viper Red.duf
Viper Red.png
Viper Silver.duf
Viper Silver.png
Wire Black Slimy.duf
Wire Black Slimy.png
Wire Bronze.duf
Wire Bronze.png
Wire Glass.duf
Wire Glass.png
Wire Gold.duf
Wire Gold.png
Wire Red.duf
Wire Red.png
Wire Silver.duf
Wire Silver.png
Wire Viperized.duf
Wire Viperized.png

<3 Live the perfect imperfection with Tempesta3d! <3


In order to work you will have to own Daz 4.9.4 and higher versions, Genesis 8 Female or V8 V8.1and G8.1F

Hair and characters in the promos are not included.

Poses by Ilona and Lunchlady, Hair by OOT and Zoro_d
Various Characters by Tempesta3d

Price: $16.99 USD

2272 24

Price: $16.99 USD

2272 24