JaneEden's Dogs3

2D Graphics released on Aug 01, 2021
JaneEden's Dogs3 by N/A

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JaneEden's Dogs3

12 unique digitally hand painted dogs and puppies in .png & .psd format 300dpi on transparent backgrounds.
backing sizes listed below

2 psd's of
6 x large dogs on 3000 x 3000pixel backing
6 x puppies on 1750 x 1750pixel backing

Suitable for 2D or 3D art, web design, greeting card creation, scrapbooking, illustrating, etc..
Perfect for all your personal and commercial artwork.

All gorgeous dogs, eager to be adopted by you :D

Hand painted with a Wacom Intuos Pro Graphics Tablet & pen, in Photoshop CS4 extended
Below I have given all the dogs their proper names, where in the product they are all listed as a numbered pup or large dog.

large dog 01 Irish Wolfhound 2200x3000 pixels 300dpi
large dog 02 Great Dane 2700x2820 pixels 300dpi
large dog 03 Newfoundland 2724x2948 pixels 300dpi
large dog 04 Afghan Hound 1760x2736 pixels 300dpi
large dog 05 Borzoi 3000x2400 pixels 300dpi
large dog 06 Large Munsterlander 2700x1930 pixels 300dpi
pup01 Chocolate Labrador Retriever 770x1750 pixels 300dpi
pup02 Large Munsterlander 1650x1750 pixels 300dpi
pup03 Irish Red Setter 975x1390 pixels 300dpi
pup04 Havanese 850x1200 pixels 300dpi
pup05 Long haired Chihuahua 850x1200 pixels 300dpi
pup06 Pug 1200x1200 pixels 300dpi

Each cute and unique dog or puppy is completely individual and every attention has been paid to detail. I have sized each of them to be proportionally correct with each other as close as I could. Their high resolution makes them perfect for print, and they are ideal to fit into your 3D renders, and 2D art equally working well either in photoshop, and paintshop pro or your favorite 3D software.
All are in different positions so there is scope for lots of amazing and diverse images/creations. They work really well in various art and even look great on household goods, or clothing apparel, stationery etc..

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