Simple HDR 2

released on Aug 02, 2021
Simple HDR 2 by N/A

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY
Available Uses:

A set of simple HDR Backgrounds with lights, cameras, environment tint, bloom and vignette options.

This set includes:


5 Full Body camera options

5 Upper Body (close up) camera options

5 Camera options for sitting poses.

10 HDR Backgrounds


For sitting poses:

4 light settings

8 Sets of lights

For standing poses:

4 light settings

8 Sets of lights

Bloom 01

Bloom OFF

5 Dome rotation angles

Ground on

Ground off

3 vignette settings

Vignette off

5 environment tints

DAZ Studio Iray only

Please note:
Cameras utilize DOF settings which might need adjusted a little, depending on the poses used.

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