Melt For You

3D Models released on Jul 07, 2021
Melt For You by N/A

Available Uses:

We often say that we ‘melt’ for one reason or another. Be that from the heat, from being loved and treated nice, or even from stress. This product enables us to show what we mean. The sculptures in various states of melting were generated using a computational fluid dynamics simulation* in which the initial geometry of a sculpture was filled with a highly viscous fluid and allowed to melt and deform. The product is comprised of six sets of sculptures representing a great variety of poses resembling a human body. Each set is then represented by ten stages of melting, giving rise to sixty highly detailed models in total. Although each model is fully UV mapped and texture templates are provided, it is envisioned that the sculptures will be characterized by a volumetric material such as wax, chocolate, honey, clay, lava or even molten metal. However, the models can not only be used to show melting! Given the right circumstances, the formation of a shape can be represented as it emerges from a liquid puddle.
The possibilities are truly endless as we melt for you.

* the simulation nearly melted my computer! :)