Biscuits Personalities for Genesis 8 Female

3D Figure Assets released on Jun 20, 2021
Biscuits Personalities for Genesis 8 Female by N/A

Daz Studio 4
Base Figures:
Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8.1 Female
Available Uses:

Biscuits Personalities for Genesis 8 Female is a collection of 16 Facemorphs for G8F and G8.1F

Included are:

- 16 Full Faces, with Apply and REM options.

All Faces are a combination of custom sculpted face bases in Zbrush and the Genesis 8 Female Head Morphs product.
So each face is a combination of a sculpt and morph dials.

You can use the Faces separately as is or mix and match with each other.

- Make sure when using the faces separately use a zero preset before applying a different face.
- When combining faces adjust the face dials manually (for example with the currently used option).

The main face dials will activate the sculpted dials as well as the used head morph dials.

All the dials can be adjusted to a value which you prefer,

Textures and Hair are *NOT* included.

Additional Promo Credits: Biscuits Kit, Jam and Aggie Hair @ Daz

Price: $19.99 USD

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