Scatter Tool II for Poser 12

Software released on Apr 22, 2021
Scatter Tool II for Poser 12 by N/A

Operating Systems:
Windows 10
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The Scatter Tool II Python Script for Poser 12.0.396 or newer.

The Scatter Tool II for Poser 12 brings a new level of control and automation when scattering objects over your Poser scenes.

Ever wanted to scatter objects at random on a scene, like grass, rocks and trees? Then resize and rotate each piece so they don’t look all the same? And then align each object to the terrain so they line up properly? Then welcome to the Scatter Tool - that’s exactly what this was meant to automate.

Just load the objects you want to scatter from the library, and then the tool will show them on a list. Pick one, enter how many copies you want, if you want rotations, scaling and how much of each, if you want automatic surface alignment, and then press the scatter button. Then watch as your scene is populated for you in seconds. It is as simple as that!

Each object will be placed at a different place, with optional random size, height, positional jitter, and rotation, so they don't look all the same. Supports scattering props, figures, and billboards.

In this version, we can now paint scattering zones directly on the surface, offering much better control over where things will be placed.

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