Lonely Ocean Island 360 Environment (HDRI)

released on Feb 10, 2021
Lonely Ocean Island 360 Environment (HDRI) by N/A

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY
any soft working with HDRI maps
Available Uses:

Lonely Ocean Island 360° Environment

Anna Biala and scienceartnature 2021

*Product Description*

Lonely Ocean Island 360° Environment (HDRI) for DAZ is a set of 6 jpg files of nice ocean water that can be used as HDRI maps in any kind of software using environmental maps. Here in pack they are saved as render presets for DAZ studio Iray.

Maps are free from any other content than water, ground and sky, so you can easy glue in it any object such islands, rocks, boats or sharks :)

Can be seen here:

DAZ instruction:
Unzip properly package.
Go to: Environments>Lonely Ocean Island
Usage of item is two step work: first step load map, second step load preset for dome rotation. Each rotation preset rotate 45° (0°, 45°,90°,135°,180°,225°,270°,315°)
Notice: We like to use small dome (saved at 5 units while default is 100 units) for better render control, but maybe you will need change this value.

Other softwares instructions:
Unzip package, go to folder Runtime>Textures>scienceartnature>360 environments>Lonely Ocean Island and have fun with jpg maps for your software

Each map size 16000x8000px *jpg
Please enjoy!

\Environments\Lonely Ocean Island\Step 1 Chose Environment
Ocean Island 01.duf
Ocean Island 02.duf
Ocean Island 03.duf
Ocean Island 04.duf
Ocean Island 05.duf
Ocean Island 06.duf

\Environments\Lonely Ocean Island \Step 2 Dome Orientation
Rotation 000.duf
Rotation 045.duf
Rotation 090.duf
Rotation 135.duf
Rotation 180.duf
Rotation 225.duf
Rotation 270.duf
Rotation 315.duf

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