Body Type-3 for Dawn

3D Figure Assets released on Apr 24, 2018
Body Type-3 for Dawn by N/A

Base Figures:
Dawn - Dawn S.E.
Available Uses:

Body Type-3 (Voluptuous) is a brand new custom body sculpt for Dawn. It totally redesigns the torso, breasts, abs, and legs to bring out sensual feminine curves. It is designed to be combined with your existing character morphs and textures to bring your Dawn to the next level.

It takes advantage of Poser 9+ animatable origins to make the skeleton joints automatically adjust to the new body shape when dialed to any amount. Includes automatic conditional legs posing corrective JCM morphs that only apply when the morph is dialed.

What's Included & Features

Pose (.pz2)
Body Type-3
1 INJ file to apply the morph
1 REM file to remove the morph

> DS4:
Body Morph (.dsf)
Body Type-3