FL Alaric 2 For Dusk

3D Figure Assets released on May 02, 2016
FL Alaric 2 For Dusk by N/A

Base Figures:
Dusk - Dusk S.E.

Alaric has grown older, added a few more wrinkles and his skin has started to get age spots. His face shows some deeper lines and his beard and mustache are touched a bit heavier with white, but he still maintains his good looks.

FL Alaric 2 for Dusk comes with two skin options - one with age spots and one without. For each of these options, there are 2 bodies provided - with and without chest hair. And for each of the options, there are 4 faces - with and without beard and with either the original Alaric eyebrows or eyebrows with more white in them and a slightly different shape. Four iris options are available - two shades of blue and two of brown.

All textures are compatible with the original Alaric set for mixing or matching.

There is a base body with no hair and a face with no eyebrows so that you may add your own eyebrow in a graphics editor if you wish.