HiveWire 3D Cowboy Hat

3D Figure Assets released on Jan 15, 2015
HiveWire 3D Cowboy Hat by N/A

Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY
Base Figures:
Dawn - Dawn S.E., Dusk - Dusk S.E.
Available Uses:

Versatile, functional and colorful hat for men and ladies alike!

Both men and ladies alike will love this versatile cowboy hat. Several styles and morphs are included making this the "go-to" hat in your 3D library.

What's Included & Features

HiveWire 3D Cowboy Hat
-Native Poser Prop (Requires Poser 9 or newer)
-Native DAZ Studio Prop (Requires DAZ Studio 4.5 or newer (note - Dusk requires DAZ Studio 4.6)

3000 x 3000 Texture Maps

95 Material Options
-18 Utilities
--Hide All
--Hide B Band
--Hide Band
--Hide Braid
--Hide Buckle
--Hide Feathers
--Hide Gems
--Hide Medallion
--Hide Ornaments
--Show All
--Show B Band
--Show Band
--Show Braid
--Show Buckle
--Show Feathers
--Show Gems
--Show Medallion
--Show Ornaments
-12 Hat Materials
-9 Buckle Band Materials
-9 Band Materials
-10 Braid Materials
-5 Ornaments Materials
-5 Buckle Materials
-10 GEM Materials
-12 Feathers Materials
-5 Medalion Materials


-Fit Poses
-5 Style Poses and one Default Style Pose

Special Thanks to our Beta and QAV teams, and the Poser and DAZ communities at large, for the feedback and help to continually improve our HiveWire 3D core Figures!

Created by Christopher Creek Art, CG Cubed & Spiritfoxy - HiveWire 3D Collaborations

Compatible with Poser 9+ and DAZ Studio 4.5+ (4.6+ for Dusk).