Nature's Wonders Duck Pond

3D Models released on May 09, 2014
Nature's Wonders Duck Pond by N/A

This Duck Pond is a mini-wetland environment perfect for many of the later-loving Songbird ReMix birds. The pond, enclosed in a skydome, allows 360 degree camera angles. The pond is lined with low-resolution 3D model of Cattails (Typha latifolia) and gentle hills with some billboard-style grasses. Additional cattail and duckweed models (Lemna minor) are included for customized placement.

There are Poser and DAZ Studio versions of this product.

What's Included & Features:

Props (.pp2/.obj and auto-loading .dsa materials):
* Duck Pond Preload
* Skydome
* Individual Cattails
* Duckweed plane
* Duckweed Group plane

Materials (.mc6 and .dsa formats):
* 4 different sky materials
* 4 different Hi-Res sky materials
* 2 different pond water materials
* 2 different duckweed materials
* Options to hide/show grasses planes and skydome

Camera and Lighting:
* 6 Camera presets(.cm2 and .dsa formats)
* 2 Light sets (.lt2 and .dsa formats)

Manual in .PDF format

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