Songbird ReMix Pelicans

3D Models released on Apr 18, 2022
Songbird ReMix Pelicans by N/A

Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Daz Studio 4, Poser Pro 11, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, Poser 12
Available Uses:

NOTE: This product was completely updated in April 2022 to include a new file structure with native versions for both Daz Studio and Poser. Sixteen additional birds have been added (breeding, non-breeding and dimorphic plumages), as well as more poses and a prop. Each bird is presented as a ready to render character with 3DL and Iray presets for DAZ Studio, and Firefly and Superfly presets for Poser.

Songbird ReMix Pelican” provides all eight varieties of Pelican found throughout the globe. The pelican is one of the more iconic birds of inland and coastal waters. Designed with parts of the Songbird ReMix technology, this standalone model can be animated to go from a stationary perched position to full flight. It comes complete with an expandable throat pouch that has several morph variations and a 7 section neck with EZ pose controls.

This set comes in two versions; Poser 10+ and DAZ Studio and supports 3DL, Firefly, Iray and Superfly render engines.

The following is included:

Models (.cr2/.obj and .duf format)

* Songbird ReMix4 Pelican Base

Bird Species (.cr2/.obj and .duf format with 4K main maps)

Herons, Ibises and Pelicans (Order Pelecaniformes)
* American White Pelican (unisex breeding and non-breeding plumage)
* Brown Pelican (unisex breeding and non-breeding plumages of the nominate and Atlantic and Calornian subspecies)
* Peruvian Pelican (unisex breeding and non-breeding plumage)
* Great White Pelican (unisex breeding and non-breeding plumage)
* Dalmatian Pelican (unisex breeding and non-breeding plumage)
* Spot-billed Pelican (m/f breeding and non-breeding plumage)
* Pink-backed Pelican (unisex breeding and non-breeding plumage)
* Australian Pelican (m/f in breeding and non-breeding plumages)

Poses (.pz2 and .duf)

for Pelicans...
* Pelican Attack
* Pelican Classic
* Pelican Fish Catch
* Pelican Flight
* Pelican Flight2
* Pelican Groom
* Pelican on the Move
* Pelican Paddle
* Pelican Paddle Feed
* Pelican Zero Pose

Field Guide and Manual in .PDF format (Includes detailed information about behavior, nesting and range)


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