Songbird ReMix Motherhood

3D Models released on Sep 02, 2022
Songbird ReMix Motherhood by N/A

Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Daz Studio 4, Poser Pro 11, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, Poser 12
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NOTE: This product was completely updated in August 2022 to include a new file structure with native versions for both Daz Studio and Poser. Each bird is presented as a ready to render character with 3DL and Iray presets for DAZ Studio, and Firefly and Superfly presets for Poser.

Songbird ReMix Motherhood adds eggs, nests and hatchlings to the Songbird Remix series. The product is focused on the time frame from the laying of the egg to the first few days after hatching. While most of these naked, featherless babies have looks that only a Mother could love, hopefully you’ll find a spot in your heart to love them as well...

What's Included & Features:

Models (.cr2/.obj and .duf formats)
* Breakable Egg
* Solid Egg
* Hatchling with Anisodactyl Feet
* Hatchling with Zygodactyl Feet
* Nesting Box
* Tree Nest
* Hummingbird Nest with Branch

32 Bird Egg Materials (.pz2 and .duf with 2K maps)

* Blue Jay
* Bluebird
* Cardinal
* Catbird
* Black-capped Chickadee
* Cowbird
* Crow
* Mallard Duck
* Bald Eagle
* American Goldfinch
* House Finch
* Anna Hummingbird
* Western Kingbird
* Linnet
* Mockingbird
* Mourning Dove
* African Grey Parrot
* Ringneck Parrot
* Partridge
* Pheasant
* Pigeon
* California Quail
* American Robin
* Chipping Sparrow
* House Sparrow
* Tree Sparrow
* Oak Titmouse
* Toco Toucan
* Acorn Woodpecker
* Pileated Woodpecker
* House Wren
* Scops Owl

Hatchling Presets (.cr2/.obj, .mc6 and .duf with 4K maps):
* Hummingbird Newborn and One Week Old
* Parrot Newborn and One Week Old
* Raptor Newborn and One Week Old
* Songbird Newborn and One Week Old
* Toucan Newborn and One Week Old
* Woodpecker Newborn and One Week Old
** 4 Mouth Materials

Props: (.cr2/.obj, .pp2/.obj and .duf with 2K maps):
* Tree Limb and Hummingbird Nest
* Songbird Nest
* Nest Box (with working latch and clean out panel)

Poses for Hatchling and Eggs: (.pz2 and .duf formats)
* 2 Egg Poses Including a 120 Frames Animated Egg Hatching
* 7 Hatchling Poses
** Crawl
** Feed Me
** Hatching
** Egg Fit for Anisodactyl-footed nestlings
** Egg FitZ for Zygodactyl-footed nestlings
** Sitting
** Sleepytime

Poses for Songbird Remix Mothers: (.pz2 and .duf formats) (Figures/Models not included)
* Hummingbird Feed and Nest
* Songbird Feed and Nest

Field Guide and Manual in .PDF format (Includes detailed information about behavior, nesting and range)


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