Songbird ReMix Woodpeckers

3D Models released on Aug 01, 2003
Songbird ReMix Woodpeckers by N/A

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This product was completely updated in April 2021 to include a new file structure with native versions for both Daz Studio and Poser. In this update, the Great spotted Woodpecker was replaced with the Red-naped Sapsucker to make an "all" North American set. Each bird is presented as a ready to render character with 3DL and Iray presets for DAZ Studio, and Firefly and Superfly presets for Poser.

Woodpeckers are part of the family Picidae, that also includes the piculets, wrynecks, and sapsuckers. Members of this family are found worldwide, except for Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Madagascar, and the extreme polar regions. Most species live in forests or woodland habitats, although a few species are known that live in treeless areas, such as rocky hillsides and deserts.

Woodpeckers are chiefly known for their characteristic behavior. They mostly forage for insect prey on the trunks and branches of trees, and often communicate by drumming with their beak, producing a reverberatory sound that can be heard at some distance. Some species vary their diet with fruits, birds' eggs, small animals, tree sap, human scraps, and carrion. They mostly nest and roost in holes that they excavate in tree trunks, and their abandoned holes are of importance to other cavity-nesting birds. They sometimes come into conflict with humans when they make holes in buildings or feed on fruit crops, but perform a useful service by their removal of insect pests on trees, in which keeps forests healthy.

The family Picidae includes about 240 species arranged in 35 genera. Almost 20 species are threatened with extinction due to loss of habitat or habitat fragmentation. This set features 17 species from North America (32 woodpeckers in all), including the long thought extinct, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, which may have been recently rediscovered in the Big Woods Preserve.

These avian jackhammers are a perfect addition to your woodland, forested and desert scenes. Both DAZ Studio and Poser versions of this product are included and support Iray, Superflu, 3Delight and Firefly render engines.

What's Included & Features:

Models (.cr2/.obj and .duf formats)
* Songbird ReMix3 Zygodactyl Base
* Songbird ReMix3 Zygodactyl Base2

Bird Species(.cr2/.obj and .duf formats with 42K texture maps)

* Acorn Woodpecker (Male/Female)
* Arizona Woodpecker (Male/Female)
* Downy Woodpecker (Male/Female)
* Gila Woodpecker (Male/Female)
* Golden-fronted Woodpecker (Male/Female)
* Hairy Woodpecker (Male/Female)
* Ivory-billed Woodpecker (Male)
* Lewis's Woodpecker
* Northern Flicker Red-shafted (Male/Female)
* Northern Flicker Yellow-shafted (Male/Female)
* Nuttall's Woodpecker (Male/Female)
* Pileated Woodpecker (Male/Female)
* Red-breasted Woodpecker (Male/Female)
* Red-headed Woodpecker
* Red-naped Sapsucker (Male/Female)
* White-headed Woodpecker (Male/Female)
* Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Male/Female)

Poses (.pz2 and .duf formats)
* Woodpecker1 Classic
* Woodpecker2 Classic
* Woodpecker1 Flight
* Woodpecker2 Flight
* Zygodactyl1 Icon/Stand
* Zygodactyl2 Icon/Stand

Field Guide and Manual in .PDF format (Includes detailed information about behavior, nesting and range)

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