The Mall Juice Kiosk poses

3D Figure Assets released on Nov 11, 2020
The Mall Juice Kiosk poses by N/A

These are poses and expressions for V4 and M4 that supposed to be used with the "The Mall - Juice Kiosk" greenpots product. They are not loaded at the default center position but at the right place in order to match the Juice Kiosk scene.
There are 12 poses for various figures and various parts of the scene. There is a python script in order to move the various objects to the correct positions.

NOTE: If you want to get the best from these poses you have got to have "The Mall - Juice Kiosk" product. The poses will work independently but you will have to fix manually the zero position.

In short this is what you get:
-Python script to set the correct position of the objects for various poses.
NOTE: Python scripts work ONLY on windows platform.

- 12 poses of Victoria 4 and Michael 4.

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