Medieval Castles 5 - 2D backgrounds

2D Graphics released on Apr 07, 2020
Medieval Castles 5 - 2D backgrounds by N/A

Any program that opens jpg files.
Available Uses:

This package contains total of 7 backgrounds all for your commercial and personal works.

They have different sizes that have been listed below, all of them are at 300 dpi, which makes them perfect for your 3D postwork, photomanipulations, all other digital arts and for printing.

Every background has been created with lots of love and keeping in mind it should be suitable to add your models there and embrace them into the Medieval atmosphere you're creating.

I hope you like this new stock backgrounds and find them useful for your artworks.

7 backgrounds, 300 dpi all, jpeg file format.
1 image at 4246 x 3240 pixels in dimension,
1 image at 3600 x 3000 px,
2 images at 4320 x 3240 px,
1 image at 3600 x 3600 px,
1 image at 2902 x 4219 px,
1 image at 3240 x 3711 px

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