TEFLUHO (Temporary Flu Hospital)

3D Models released on Mar 18, 2020
TEFLUHO (Temporary Flu Hospital) by N/A

A highly detailed emergency hospital for flu pattients. It may take a while to load, but you get more than 100 beds and many more. You may also need at least 10Gbyte of memory for decent rendering.
You can test the limits of your system by merging this scene with "The Mall" and have a requisitioned mall-shopping center.
Look at Readme file for detailed instructions of how to merge the two scenes.

A pack of all that you need in order to give amazing renders to your figures! No need to wary for 'plastic look' or washed out shadows.
All the props are there, most of them can fly around, all the lights are at the correct position.
They are organized in groups with the correct order so that you can quickly show and hide props to render from defferent angles.


In short this is what you get:
- a scenefile in .pz3 format
- More than 30 props in 24 files of .pp2 format.
- 34 texture, bump and transparency maps
- 18 lights
- 2 python script

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