Asa Dress for La Femme

3D Figure Assets released on Jan 31, 2020
Asa Dress for La Femme by N/A

Base Figures:
La Femme 1 Female
Required Products:
Available Uses:

Asa Dress for La Femme

The prop clothing items in this set can only be used with the Poser Cloth Room.
For using this set you need to have Poser 11 and La Femme.


Included in this set are:

- Dress (2 versions with different constrained groups)
- 14 mc6 material settings
- 15 Textures (all 4064 x 4096 pixel)

Included morph:

- Flat chest
- Shirt up

The clothing item has an external obj file in the geometries folder.


The file "Asa Dress" has a constrained group which includes waist and cuffs.
The file "Asa Dress Const Neck" has a constrained group which includes waist, cuffs and
a very small part of the dress on both sides beneath the neck to hold the neck trim in place.

Just use the version you prefer.

If you use the dress with the constrained parts beneath the neck, you may get there a small edgy area
when your simulation is finished. You can use the morph brush to fix those areas very easily and quick.


The product was designed on a PC with Windows 7 and not tested on a MAC.

© Copyright 2020 Kerstin Weihe (karanta)

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