Fantasy Sword Belt for Genesis 8 Female

3D Figure Assets released on Nov 28, 2019
Fantasy Sword Belt for Genesis 8 Female by N/A

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)
Base Figures:
Genesis 8 Female
Available Uses:

Every hero needs a good sword on hand, no matter what the outfit. That's where the Fantasy Sword Belt set comes in. The set consists of a conforming belt, a scabbard, and a sword, all with a variety of morphs for adjusting to fit nearly any G8F character or outfit.

Includes highly realistic PBR textures for everything in the set, with material presets for both Iray and 3Delight.

The belt is autoconforming to fit all Genesis 8 Female characters and body morphs, with numerous adjustment morphs to help fit the belt to nearly any G8F character or clothing.

Includes presets to load sword into right or left hand or in the scabbard.
Also includes morphs to adjust the length and width of the sword and scabbard.

Fantasy Sword Belt Set
- Fantasy Sword Belt
- Fantasy Sword Scabbard
- Fantasy Sword

6 wearable presets

4 full PBR texture sets
- Black
- Black Worn
- Brown
- Brown Worn

4 hierarchical material presets for 3Delight
16 material presets for 3Delight
4 hierarchical material presets for Iray
16 material presets for Iray

2 hand pose presets for Genesis 8 Female
2 reset pose presets for Genesis 8 Female

30 Fantasy Sword Belt Morphs:
Adjust All
Adjust Back Lower Left
Adjust Back Right
Adjust Back Upper Left
Adjust Back
Adjust Front Lower Left
Adjust Front Upper Left
Adjust Front
Adjust Lower Left
Adjust Right
Adjust Upper Left
Lengthen End
Move All Down
Move End Forward
Move End Left
Move End Right
Move Lower Left Back
Move Lower Left Down
Move Right Down
Move Upper Left Up
Rotate Front-Back
Rotate Left-Right
Rotate Up-Down
Twist Front
Twist Lower Back
Twist Lower Left
Twist Right
Twist Upper Back
Twist Upper Left

2 Fantasy Sword and Scabbard Morphs:

Price: $12.99 USD

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