Sci Fi Building Kit - The Growth Factory: Containment Room

3D Models released on Aug 13, 2019
Sci Fi Building Kit - The Growth Factory: Containment Room by N/A

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

To be used with Iray:

This product is a Sci Fi themed Building Kit with multiple types of walls, flooring and roof/ceiling pieces that you can put together in various combinations and configurations for the sole purpose of constructing ANYTHING that you desire!
Okay I kid when I say 'anything' but it at least this holds true for constructing a room to the dimensions of your heart's desire. Whether it is a small cosy Sci Fi personal space or a gigantic auditorium, you just need to load the pieces, align them up and you're good to go.

These building blocks (something like E-Leg0) come in various configurations that you can slot side by side or next to each other in fixed unit configurations. For your convenience, preset pieces of the multi-part walls have been included as well as scenes which you can use immediately, or which you can modify to suit your tastes or just use as a reference to build your own custom sets scenes.

Included in this product are multiple wall overlays that automatically fit to the two types of primary walls in this product. These internally illuminated wall overlays not only change the ambience of the scene, they can also visually change the looks quite drastically for the same base wall block.

And no good Sci Fi kit is complete without some good Sci Fi props.
For that reason, you will also get a rigged Clone Pod furniture prop with a extendable cover piece, rotating/height control options, and a free standing LED screen element.
Along with the Pod, this product also contains a futuristic Server Tower prop with a core circuit portion that can be opened/closed, a 5 core Sci Fi Air Conditioning unit with rotating RGB LED parts and a simple yet very versatile Nigh Light prop that can used for primary illumination or for accent lighting.

Moreover there are more than around a dozen Utility texture options for doing everything from switching off the lighting to changing their intensity.

Included in this package:

Environments - Architecture:

Air Conditioner
Broad Wall Addition Mirrored
Broad Wall Addition
Broad Wall Base Mirrored
Broad Wall Base
Broad Wall Overlay - Angles
Broad Wall Overlay - Beams
Broad Wall Overlay - Checkered
Clone Pod
Floor Base
Night Lights Base
Roof Addition
Roof Base
Roof NoLights
Server Tower
Walkway Base
Wall Base
Wall Mirrored
Wall Overlay - Angles
Wall Overlay - Beams
Wall Overlay - Checkered
Wall With Doorway

Building Block Presets:

Broad Wall and Angles OV Block
Broad Wall and Beams OV Block
Broad Wall and Checkered OV Block
Broad Wall Block
Floor and Walkways Block
Roof and AddOn Block
Roof with Lighting and AddOn Block
Wall and Angles OV Block
Wall and Beams OV Block
Wall and Checkered OV Block


Prebuilt Scenes:

!PreBuilt 3X7 Reception Hall
!PreBuilt 5X1 Warehouse ALT
!PreBuilt 5X1 Warehouse
!PreBuilt 5x5 Personal Room
!PreBuilt 7X1 Hall ALT
!PreBuilt 7X1 Hall

REQUIREMENTS: DS 4.9 (for Iray).

(Please refer to the readme for lots of tips and tricks on working with Iray and setting the scene up efficiently.)

Please do check out all the promo images created using this building kit and the included PreBuilt scenes. And thank you kindly for taking the time to check this Sci Fi kit out. And if you purchase this product, you'll have my very deep gratitude for showing me your support ! :)

Price: $26.50 USD

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