WWII Airstrip Accessories

3D Models released on May 23, 2019
WWII Airstrip Accessories by N/A

The package consists of 3 zip files.
Part 1 contain the Poser files, objekts and textures (unzip to your Poser content folder)
Part 2 the DS uber shaders (unzip to your ContentDAZ3D folder)
Part 3 the UV maps.

All shaders are available in two versions for Poser (PoserSurface, PP11 PhysicalSurface) and one version for DS (Iray uber).

Find under group 'Figures':

* Drum, with a dial to change the drum variant (body part Frame). With two different textures
* Fire extinguisher, with dials for turn up and down the handle and the nozzle (body part container)
* Jack stand, with a dial to turn the spindle up and down (body part Frame)
* Wooden chock, with dials to slide the blocks apart and together (body part Frame)

Find under group 'Props':

* Ammunition box, with two different textures
* Bomb Cradle
* Bomb 500lbs
- Bomb and Cradle (bomb have smartparent cradle)
* Iron chock
* Marston Mat, with two different textures
* Pump (have smartparent drum)
* Wooden stairs
* Wooden box, with two different textures
* Work top

In group 'Pose' is a pose file stored to put the figures and props at the height of the Marston Mat if needed.

For DS, the shaders are stored under 'Props'.

In the specific groups in Poser and DS the files can be found under 'agr_goods - Airstrip'